A focus on flat glass processing has enabled Fenzi to achieve world leadership in its field and to find the ideal balance between innovation, quality, competitiveness and efficiency. Today Fenzi is a name familiar to anyone working in the sector of flat glass and its brands are known worldwide due to the very fact that it is at the forefront in the relevant sectors. The group currently has 7 plants in Europe, America and Asia, its products can be found in almost every country in the world.

Located in Toronto Ontario, Fenzi North America is the North American hub for all Fenzi products. The campus in Toronto houses the regional office adjacent to a state of the art manufacturing facility for Fenzi sealants. Fenzi sealants used in residential and commercial architectural applications are synonymous with high quality. Polysulfide (Thiover®), Polyurethane (Poliver®), Hotver A+ hot melt butyl and Butylver poly isobutylene sealants are sold from this location all throughout North America.  This location also serves as a distribution hub for other products such as Molver brand molecular sieves, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Warmedge spacer profiles and other products relevant to the flat glass industry.

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