Technical Equipment Services

At Fenzi NA, our customers will receive support and assistance for ensuring the correct dispensing of our material in the operation of their equipment.

Polysulfide (Thiover®) is a two-part material, applied at a 10:1 ratio by volume. While the mix of the base and catalyst is forgiving, it is highly recommended that the quality of the mix be maintained, for optimum performance.

Our Fenzi laboratory can analyze a customer’s extruded mixed material to establish the final mix ratio. A fast and extremely precise determination of the catalyst can be made, using a modern technique based on X-ray fluorescence. Doing so, allows the sample analyzed to have the ratio verified – ensuring equipment used to dispense the material is accurate to the correct ratio for the Polysulfide (Thiover®).

For Technical Support, please contact us at: (416) 213-1362

Graco Pump Information

To assist in our customers operation of Graco pumps, please find attached useful information for your maintenance staff.

We have included the Graco Manual, so all parts can be identified to assist in replacement.

You will also find a ratio check list, for all slave cylinder setting for the various two-part materials being used. This chart is used for the Graco King air motor.

For Polysulfide (Thiover®), you will note that we request the slave cylinder be set at the 4.57 inch mark on the scale, which sets the ratio at the 10:1 for our material.

It is ‘highly’ recommended that proper pump on and off procedures be followed by all in use of the pump, to minimize equipment down time and maintain quality in the mix of the material. As well, it is suggested to perform daily and weekly preventative maintenance procedures on the pump, to ensure equipment working properly.


'Graco AGP Literature'
'Graco AGP Manual'
'Graco Pump Manual'
'Graco King Slave Cylinder Settings'
'Graco Hydramate Start Up and Purge Procedures'
'Recommended Hydramate Maintenace'