Glass Solutions

We at Fenzi North America, have been asked by many of our customers, what we recommend to use as a cleaning agent to remove our Fenzi Polysulfide (Thiover®).

We are pleased to announce, that we have found a product that breaks down the cured sealant and will bring back your steel mixers, nozzles, gunning blocks and scrapers back to their original form.

is just that – a remarkable working, non-hazardous type sealant emulsifier designed to remove polysulphide from a variety of surfaces from RPM Technology.

Product Specifications

  • Available in one US gallon jugs (3.78L)
  • Shipped with your sealant requirements

Fenzi also offers a glass washer detergent, biodegradable and anti-static formula. Please contact our Order Desk for more information (

Let “Fenzi Kleen” Do the work”