Insulated Glass TEchnical Resources - ARTICLES POOL

As a service to learning more about the insulated glass procedure – and taking steps for improvements for all fabricators, please find many informative articles that we have compiled related to the IG process.

These articles should be of interest to most and help to educate those in the IG business – whether ‘new’ to your company or as a ‘refresher course’ to those working on the floor.

Over time, we hope to increase the scope of these articles, so that your company can use these articles as an information base, for the betterment of your insulated glass production – which ultimately benefits Fenzi North America as your sealant supplier.

Recent Industry News

Toronto Condo Group Says Planning, Education, Industry/Government Initiatives, Key to Dealing With Glass Tower Issue. The Toronto and Area Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI-T) said today it believes planning by condominium boards, education, and current industry and government initiatives are the best way to deal with the concerns being identified over glass-clad condominium high rises.

Throw-away buildings: Toronto's glass condos
Residents of this Toronto condo at 81 Navy Wharf Court are suing the developer for alleged defects in the window wall system. (CBC)

Air Spacer Profiles

"IGMA Spacer Thermal Performance Study"
IGMA study, performed by WestLab Canada – written by Jeff Baker, February

"Evaluation of Window Thermal Performance"
Article dealing with improvements in thermal performance of windows Written by Prof. Franz Feldmeier - University of Applied Sciences, Rosenheim - from International Glass Review - Issue 1 2000


"Filling The Bill" – The Real Cost of Gas Filling
Article by Joe Almasy, reprinted from US Glass May 2003 – deals with the hidden costs associated with process of argon gas filling.

“ KABOOM !” – There goes Another Argon Filled Unit
Article by Al Jaugelis, reprinted from US Glass April 1999 – deals with the effect of argon escaping from the air space and the unit ‘imploding”


“Role of Desiccants”
Article reprinted from Glass Magazine September 2005 – written by Steve Meisel. Explains the role of desiccant in the IG process and the importance of handling the desiccant in a proper manner.

“Desiccant Selection”
Article reprinted from US Glass 1999 – written by David C. Darwin and Gregory R. Schoofs. While a few years old since first published, this article remains to be of interest - explains the different desiccant types available and what the purpose of each is.

“Role of Desiccants”
Presentation to IGMA in September 2006 from Steve Meisel – Dealing with the role of desiccants in the IG process

Glass - Washing and Handling

“AFG Customer Technical Services – Washing and Washer Maintenance”
Technical bulletin from AFG for proper glass washing and glass washer maintenance.

“Pilkington – Technical Bulletin - Machine Cleaning Low E”
Technical bulletin from Pilkington on proper Low E cleaning technique.

“Pilkington – Technical Bulletin – Protecting Flat Glass Surfaces”
Technical bulletin from Pilkington, on proper handling to avoid damage to glass.

“Handle With Care”
Article reprinted from US Glass issue, dated October 2005. Author Dez Farnady discusses measures to take to properly handle glass and avoid breakage.

Edgetech IG – “Glass Handling and Storage”
Edgetech IG Technical Bulletin- Number 121301 – dealing with proper handling of glass to ensure minimal damage thru IG process.

PPG “Glass Washing Technical Bulletin”
PPG Technical Bulletin – TD 144 – Recommended glass washing techniques, suggested from PPG. Good review for what required to clean your glass surface of contaminates.

Truseal “Glass Washer Malfunctions”
Truseal Technical Bulletin – July 27, 2004 – Review of what can go wrong with your glass washer. Some examples listed so you are aware of what to watch for, to ensure the quality in your glass cleanliness is maintained.

“Insulated Glass – The Unseen Enemy”
Article re-printed from Glass Digest March 2000 – Written by Ken Shelbourne of Truseal Technologies. Deals with the possibility of unseen contaminants remaining on the glass surface after washing.

“Preventing Moisture Stains on Stored Glass”
Pilkington Technical Bulletin, dealing with precautions to prevent glass from staining while in storage.

Glass Miscellaneous

“Hazy Shades – Fogging Potential in Insulating Glass Units”
Interesting article by Bob Spindler, from Cardinal IG. Reprinted from US Glass April 2004, dealing with many of the potential possibilities of chemical fogging in the IG unit’s airspace and onto the glass surface.


“IGMA Certification Manual for the Harmonized (HIGS) Insulating Glass Standard – ASTM E 2190”
Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance manual for procedures on certifying your insulated glass. IGMA administers a voluntary certification program for insulating glass units.

“Comparison of Certification Test Methods”
Edgetech IG Technical Bulletin - Number 040204 – good comparison chart of the various testing methods for insulated glass certification standards currently in use in North America.

“NFRC Reasons For Certifying IG”
Glass Magazine (March 2007) eNews notice on reasons for IG certification and the plans of NFRC to move forward with a certification program.

"Certification for Dummies"
How to Certify your IG production and Why You Should

Article written by Margaret Webb, IGMA Director. First appeared in US Glass February 2005. Interesting article compares the various standards for certifying your insulating glass, including the new HIGS standard

"Now we have the documentation that proves that higher levels of testing and certification in fact result in better performing insulating glass units when tested and certified." IGMA Executive Director Margaret Webb reports on field performance related to IG certification

Quality Control

“Improving the Durability of Your IG Production”
Interesting article written by Jim Plavecsky, from Glass Canada April 2001.While dated, article informative and deals with the QC practices that all staff involved should watch for during manufacturing procedure

Sealant Articles

“The Case For Liquid Polysulphide”
Interesting article written by Alessandro Fenzi – taken from Glass Technology magazine in April 2002. With the closing of Rohm & Haas polymer plant in 2001, polysulphide use continues to be viable and the proper choice for use in IG production by manufacturers.