Fenzi North America

Fenzi North America has designed and built a 'State of the Art' manufacturing facility, offering a true 'Polysulphide' to the North American Insulated Glass market. Located in Toronto, Ontario and servicing North American manufacturers of insulated glass, Fenzi North America is a subsidiary of Fenzi S.p.a, the Italian polysulphide, mirror backing paint and ceramic frit manufacturer...

Our Products

  • Sealants
  • Desiccants
  • Spacer Profiles
  • Digital Glass Printing
  • Glass Solutions
  • Technical Services
  • Miscellaneous Products

Glass Alliance

Call us at +1 416 213 1362
or e-mail us at orders@fenzi-na.com

To view our complete list of product, download our Corporate Brochure:

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