Fenzi Butylver® , is a one part polyisobutylene PIB based material, totally solvent free especially formulated for use as the primary seal in double sealed units.

Fenzi Butylver ® PIB allows for minimum water vapor and gas permeation.

Butylver® has excellent adhesion properties to glass and metal spacer systems and can be used together with Polysulfide (Thiover®) and other conventional secondary sealants.

Currently available in Black and Grey.

  • 15.4 Lb (4 per box) approx size 7 ¼ inches diameter x 9 inches high
  • 4.4 Lb (12 per box) approx size 5 inches diameter x 6 inches high (black only)

Customers using this product will find the application properties very ‘user’ friendly for handling – showing good initial adhesion to spacer thru the extruder and a good wetout when pressed.

“Proper PIB application is a key ingredient to unit longevity”

Please note:

Material Safety Data Sheets can be obtained by calling Fenzi Customer Service at 416-674-3831 or via email at info@fenzi-na.com